Baryn Futa Loves to Advocate for Art and Artists

More than anything else, Baryn Futa firmly believes the art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors in a way that nothing else can, and we owe it to our descendants to preserve as much of that as possible for the future. That makes art and art museums extremely important. Ask him and he’ll let you know; Baryn Futa sees the arts as a necessary and defining part of any culture. As such, he believes art is important enough to preserve for future generations.

It is obvious that nearly everyone appreciates the arts on some level. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to be in a position to support the arts to the extent needed. Baryn Futa feels quite fortunate to be in a position to do more, and he wants to do everything he can to preserve art. Baryn Futa was late to the game; he didn’t discover his love of art until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum. However, he has made up for lost time.