Baryn Futa: Art Appreciation for the Masses

From Baryn Futa’s perspective sees, art is a necessary and defining part of any culture. Because of that, he feels we owe it to future generations to preserve as much as possible. After all, it is their heritage as much as anyone’s. The purpose of art is to communicate, and artists of the past communicated with us through their art, just as the art we make today will inform our descendants.

It is that reality that makes art collectors and art museums extremely important, as far as Baryn Futa is concerned, which is why he has built a significant art collection of his own and why he holds memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections, too. Among those include The Jewish Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and more. Baryn Futa also loans pieces from his own collection to museums when he can. He wants to pick up as much of the slack as possible and take on as much of the responsibility for supporting art as he can. Not only is art of great benefit to any society, but it also is a profitable and useful investment.

While nearly everyone appreciates fine art on some level, it is also true that few are actually in a position to support the arts to the extent that is necessary. That is where Baryn Futa fits into the scheme of things. He didn’t always have such a deep appreciation for art. In fact, he was a latecomer to the art world, which he entered when he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum. Few were more surprised than he to feel such a deep attraction to the art world, but Baryn Futa is now committed to saving art for all.