Baryn Futa Notes the Importance of High Art

Artistic mediums exist in many ways. From the crayon line drawing of a child to centuries old pieces of work, art is displayed in a multitude of fashions across time. Fine arts appreciator and benefactor Baryn Futa notes that high art may be the most at risk in today’s society — at risk for cultural loss as art support continues to decrease around the world. He encourages people to education themselves about the high arts, about this facet of the artistic realm that is appreciated most by those with cultivated and sophisticated taste, this aspect of art that spreads across music, sculpture, painting, architecture and poetry. High art, with its aesthetic contemplation and higher value, can be seemingly lost among the masses who prefer functional, craft, low art. But Futa explains that there is a place for both in society and support remains just as important for the pieces of high art as the low art more commonly found.